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General Piercing Aftercare

Clean 2-3 times a day, Only touch piercing with clean hands when cleaning!

Go show off your new piercing to all your friends! But, don't stop there! Be sure to clean it well, and don't take the jewelry out early unless you absolutely need to (i.e. your parents force you, your job makes you, school makes you. Don't take it out just because. That's the easiest way to get an infection. A good, effective and easy way to keep your piercing healing properly is saline solution. This is simply 8 oz. distilled water with about 1/4 tsp. of non-iodized sea salt. Do not touch the piercing unless you are cleaning it. Let it totally heal on its own time. Some take longer than others.

For about three weeks there will be a discharge from your new piercing. That's good, and shows your body is healing properly. Stay clear away from yellow or greenish discharge. That's usually a sign of infection; in this case do not take out the jewelry because it will trap the infection inside the skin. You should take it to a shop and get professional help. You may see this discharge the first day or two after you pierce it, but afterward it may be infected; so again, keep clean! Avoid swimming pools for a few weeks to a few months after piercing it. The usual healing time is about 2 months, but most find it heals in a month and a half.