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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Session - Only £50 pounds


Commonly asked questions.


Prior to any Laser Tattoo removal treatment you will be required to complete a medical consultation form. It takes about 5 minutes and is essential to ensure that the treatment is safe for you and you therefore get the best treatment.


Medical History The reason that we ask for a medical history is to ensure that you have no conditions or are taking any medications that would make treatment unsafe for you. It is also a requirement of our insurance - do be wary of places that are not insured.


Some conditions and medications that whilst not making the treatment unsafe would make the treatment ineffective. I do see a number of people who have had treatments done by other tattoo removal companies, and disappointed in the results come and see me. When looking at their medical history it is often clear that they have been treated by a company that has not asked for medical details and therefore the client has wasted money by having treatment that is not going to work for them.


People who have had certain cosmetic procedures in the area to be treated should also disclose this as they may have to wait a while before commencing laser tattoo removal to avoid damaging their skin.


Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation During the consultation I will run through your medical history and talk you through the tattoo removal process. I will answer any questions that you may have about tattoo removal and try to give you the best estimate that I can on the number of sessions you may need.


I run through some of the possible side effects and also give you instructions on how best to look after your skin following tattoo removal.


Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment.


Many people are concerned about how painful the treatment may be so I always try and reassure them. When performing the treatment I work with the client so that they are as comfortable as possible. Some clients prefer me to go relatively fast so that the treatment is over as quickly as possible and other clients like to pause for regular breaks, it’s completely up to you with what you feel most comfortable with.


For nervous clients I can work as fast or as slowly as they feel comfortable with, there is never any time pressure, and if you’d like to bring a friend or partner to hold your hand that’s fine too. The actual sensation of tattoo removal is best described as having an elastic band flicked against your skin, and from my experience even the most nervous clients have found having laser tattoo removal with me perfectly fine.


Have any questions on Laser Tattoo Removal?


If you have any questions about tattoo removal then I am always happy to answer them during consultation and there is never any obligation or hard sell (I’m not a salesperson ) to book sessions or book groups of sessions. The only product I do offer is aloe vera gel which I recommend to clients for skin healing and aftercare. You are welcome to purchase from me or purchase aloe vera gel from a high street chemist.

Patch test At the end of a consultation I can perform a skin test so that we can get the optimal settings to remove your tattoo and also to ensure that when doing a larger area you do not have a allergic reaction.


So why not book now for your free consultation and make the first move to removing your unwanted tattoo. email telephone 07989616567